The advantages of the use of porcelain porcelain of Kerama Marazzi

Ceramic granite refers to new building materials, since it was invented only 30 years ago. But, despite this, he has a lot of advantages and is widely used in finishing work.

Here are the three main advantages of porcelain tile, thanks to which the material is perfectly sold out:

Low porosity, due to which minimal hygroscopicity is achieved, contributing to the active use of porcelain stoneware for finishing work in wet rooms.

High strength – such material will last you for many years.

Absolute environmental friendliness – only natural components (clay, field spat, quartz).

The Italian tile of Kerama Marazzi, developed by the famous Italian designer studios, is a kind of work of art, the main material for which is porcelain tiles. Marazzi Group is rightfully considered one of the world leaders in his segment. The company also launched its production capacity in Russia. The annual volume of the produced tile has already reached 16 million., sq. m., decorative elements – 18 million., sq. m. In the production process, the best equipment that is produced in Italy (ICF, SACMI, Technoferrari) is involved.

Tiles of Keram Maration is not only an impressive variety of original, pleasant to the eye of shades and high quality of the source material. Products are not whimsical in care, moisture resistant, do not absorb fat at all, which is especially important in the case of acquiring finishing materials to the kitchen.

Floor tiles are created for large loads and is not subject to abrasion. Having familiarized yourself with the catalog and numerous collections of Italian finishing materials, you will probably find a solution that can fully display your inner world, as well as fill the house or apartment with the so desired atmosphere of comfort and comfort.