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The acquisition and installation of elevators is now not a problem

On ESKA-LIFT pages, you can find all the information you are interested in about the selection of the most suitable lift project and methods for its implementation. An elevator is a device that allows you to raise goods to a different height. Today in the world there are a huge number of elevators’ manufacturers. Many of them carry out their activities in Russia. Our company is pleased to offer at your service a full range of installation of lifts and their further maintenance throughout the entire service life. The warranty applies to all the mechanisms acquired from us.

Thanks to the specialization of the company in the development of projects and the supply of lifts, we can offer you lifting mechanisms that meet all world standards. Interested in elevators for industrial needs? No problem! You need to purchase a lift for a dwelling or a high -rise building? Please! In our company you will be offered a huge selection of elevator structures produced by the most famous manufacturers. Exclusive models at attractive prices are waiting for their owners.

After drawing up the project, before starting the direct installation of the elevator, some actions should be performed. The thorough approach to the implementation of many of them plays the decisive role of the outcome of all works and directly affects the final result of the work. Preparation for the installation of an elevator requires strict implementation of all preparatory work. This is an integral stage of the entire installation process. The list of preparatory work before installing the lifting structures includes:

installation of stairs for the descent;

Installation of the ground tire of ground;

installation of shield flooring;

fasteners in the machine room of beams and dismantling hooks;

refinement for the subsequent installation of the doorways of the lift;

manufacturing and installation in the machine room with a dismantling hatch;

installation in the machine room of the door;

the rest of the work necessary before the installation.

Our company is ready to provide you with its services to perform these work both separately and in full turnkey. The process of preparing for the installation of a lifting device and the direct installation of an elevator structure is carried out by the highest category specialists who have extensive experience in this area. During the execution of the order, you can get valuable tips for further operation of the lift and optimize its work.

If you need elevator elevators, then certainly seek help from our company. Such a difficult question as choosing lifts for warehouses requires special professionalism. The specialists of our company are ready to develop an individual project for you that meets all safety requirements and is convenient to operate. The quality of work is the main goal of our company. We always fulfill the obligations and value our reputation. Turning to us, you will receive a quick and qualitative solution to the task at affordable prices. By contacting our office, you can find out the preliminary cost of the installation of a lift of any complexity. The impeccable quality of our work is confirmed by many positive reviews from grateful customers.