Storage of spices in the kitchen: convenient and beautiful

Recently, spices and spices as a way to enhance the taste of a particular dish are very popular. This is not only the traditional triad “Salt-Peretza-Hork”, but also ginger, turmeric, Carry, carawayus, bergamot and thousands of species. In stores, both spices themselves and their combinations are sold. However, just buy them and use it from time to time. It is important to store spices and spices in such a way that their taste and aroma are not lost, each species should be stored separately.

This will require hermetically closing dry containers. Many types of spices are poorly stored in the light, so containers should be either opaque or made of dark glass. Rows of jars with spices standing on shelves on one of the kitchen walls will become an excellent decoration of its interior, even if their contents are not visible outside. In addition, spices will always be at hand here, so you cannot forget about them and let them deteriorate.

The design of the “jar on the shelf” is not particularly stable, so it is usually equipped with additional devices that do not allow spices to fall. This is either a railing, or wire clamps, or shelves with holes for a reliable arrangement of jars.

Certain types of spices are poorly stored in hermeted dishes, so wicker baskets or linen bags are suitable for storage. Both that, and another, if desired, can be made independently, and then hang on hooks to the shelves with spices in jars.

If there is no desire to clutter up the walls of the kitchen, and there is a place on the kitchen table, you can purchase desktop structures to place spices.

It is only important to choose such a location of the collection of spices, so that steam from food and other moisture does not fall on it. Ground and dried spices that gained moisture are prone to rolling into lumps and loss of their qualities. It is not good if the collection is next to a constant heat source, and is also exposed to direct sunlight.

Experts choose porcelain or ceramic pots for storing spices. In addition, they recommend, for the sake of aesthetics, not to reduce the shelf life of spices and place them in a drawer of the kitchen cabinet. Inside the drawer divided on the section, you can create a kind of “file cabinet” of spices.