Small kitchen design options

In any apartment, the kitchen is the most visited room, the layout of the interior of which gives a lot of trouble to its owners. This is especially true when the kitchen has a small area. In such a room, you need to optimally distribute all the necessary furniture and household appliances, while not forgetting about the creation of a cozy atmosphere.

First of all, you need to take care of the correct placement of furniture. The most optimal option in this situation is the acquisition of furniture designer. Household equipment must also be chosen taking into account the absence of large space, so you should give preferences to the technique that performs several tasks at the same time.

The most optimal method for placing furniture is a linear arrangement along one wall. As a result, you get a single working area with compactly placed devices. Another good option for planning a small kitchen is to unite the working area with the window.

In this case, the windowsill is used as a continuation of the working surface. Naturally, in this case, you should refuse to use curtains in the interior. They can be replaced with the blinds of those shades that prevail in the interior of the kitchen. You can create the effect of expanding the room using the predominance of light colors.

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