Simple ideas for cosmetic repair of the living room

Spring is the time for bold experiments and changes in the interior. We offer you several ideas that will completely transform the living room, and you do not need it a lot of money. The easiest way is to change the wallpaper for new ones, to paint the walls in delicate, calm tones. To do this, you need to tear off old wallpapers, and then grind the walls.

After that, you can start gluing or painting. Getting rid of the old flooring is considered a very important step. Designers advise using natural, environmentally friendly materials. An excellent solution would be to lay on the floor vinyls. This is a new material that is made on the basis of natural components, has the properties of a durable linoleum and looks like a natural tree.

Before proceeding with a small repair and updating of the home, do other important things. If you need to make an order for a grillage foundation pile, then call a company that is engaged in the construction of such foundations. Experienced specialists will come to the place, carry out a number of survey work and build the foundation in a short time.

The next step will be the replacement of annoying curtains and textiles. By changing them, you can completely transform the space and its perception. In the spring, eclecticism and multi -layer returned to fashion, so do not be afraid to combine weightless fabrics with curtains of different colors and textures. To bring the sensation of lightness to the living room, buy a few transparent chairs that will fit perfectly into the modern interior. Transparent tables and chairs now at the peak of popularity. They give the space a feeling of airiness and novelty.