Secrets of the design of one -room apartment

Many, without funds for spacious apartments, purchase one -room apartments. How to allocate a place under the bedroom, and under the living room, and under the office in such a small space? But today, design abilities do not cease to surprise. The masters are able to even make a “candy” from an interior affairs from a one -room apartment, which can surprise with its harmony and exclusivity.

Developing the design of a small -sized one -room apartment, it is important to competently divide the space into all the necessary functional zones. The main thing is to remember that completely different actions will take place here: reading, watching TV, working with documents, rest and sleep. In order for the interior to acquire the most harmonious and comfortable atmosphere, it is necessary to take into account many different factors.

Of course, a key task is to visually expand the existing space. Of course, if not one person lives in the apartment, but a family with a child, then the task is much more complicated, because in this case there should be more functional zones. In such a situation, it is quite difficult to correct on their own – you can not do without consulting a designer. It is the specialist that will develop a thoughtful layout. Experienced designers have their own “small chest of ideas”, in which there will probably be a competent solution.

The first place that can be turned into a useful area is the “dead” space of the hallway. Most rational to organize a wardrobe here. Thus, you can save a significant space of living space, saving it from cabinets from clothing, chests of drawers and nightstands. Give preference to mirror cabinets. They will visually expand the space. It is possible to optimize the space by demolition of the wall separating the room and the kitchen.

The next step is the correctly selected color scheme. Visually increase the space of the room will help light soft and unobtrusive tones. The most rational in this case are green, cream and sandy colors and their shades. The color of the curtains be sure to select the wall decoration. Exclude bulky and massive furniture.