Secrets for the correct painting of metal elements of the interior

In fact, the coloring of metal structures and their elements is not such a simple task as it seems at first glance.

Its solution requires a clear and strictly compliance with all stages provided for by the technological process.

Say, no one will guarantee the long safety of the paintwork of the metal, if you do not first remove the rust layer from its surface and do not apply a special primer.

The primitive layers most often simply improve the adhesion of the finish coating with paint, but sometimes intended for anti -corrosion protection of the metal.

It must only be remembered that the primer layer should not be applied with a roller, since the air bubbles remaining on the surface of the metal are almost always the foci of subsequent corrosion.

Create the most even and attractive to the eye the surface of the painted metal allows the use of a spray gun. It is not recommended to paint the metal at air temperatures below +5 ° C and high humidity.

If you are interested in obtaining the exact dimensions of metal elements of a complex shape, then the plasma cutting of the metal will allow you to cope with the task quickly and without the deformation of the edges of the workpiece in such cases.