Russian -made input metal doors

Metal entrance doors of Russian -made with primitive devices can not be called. The steel block is very much like a mechanism where each screw plays a certain role. But, when choosing Russian -made entrance doors, our compatriots show attention only to some details. Door material

In the manufacture of Russian -made entrance doors, various technologies and materials are used. In our country, frame technology is most developed. But the doors made by frame method differ from each other. Some are made of metal rolling consisting of low -carbon steel. Thin stamped profiles are used for the manufacture of others.

The doors produced from steel have excellent impact resistance and bearing capacity.

Doors from stamped profiles have less rigidity, but their weight is smaller. But both in the first and the latter, the durability of their service depends on the composition of the material.

Doors frame frames are sheathed with metal. The thicker the metal sheet, the higher the resistance to hacking. If the doors are made of thin iron, that is, the risk of hacking the door using ordinary metal -cutting tools. Russian -made entrance doors made of steel sheets up to 2 mm thick do not differ in good hacking resistance. Some manufacturers produce doors from metal sheets with a thickness of 4 mm. It’s hard to open such doors even with a specialized tool.

Door locks

Usually, apartment thieves to penetrate the apartment or at home, first try to open the door locks. Therefore, the doors should be not only with strong door leafs, but also with complex locks. If the manufacturer has installed a conventional leaf lock, then the attacker can quickly open it with a master. If several locks are installed, then it will take a lot of time to open. Experts also recommend inserting various types of locks into the door. For example, one leval castle and one cylindrical with high secrecy. Castles with flat PIN codes are practically not opened by master keys and duplicates. But these devices will not be able to prevent knocking out the door, and the keyhink can be drilled.

Cut pins

With the help of crossbars located around the perimeter of the door, the door leaf is well fixed in the opening. Knock it out, bend or squeeze it almost impossible. Cut pins are mobile and motionless. Static is put forward only by a special key. Mobile are always locked when the door is closed. There is a negative factor in the use of drawers. If during operation the doorway is deformed (subsistribution of building structures), then the door can be jammed, since there will be no coincidence of the axes and retaliatory parts. Therefore, the diameter of the holes for the crossbars should be slightly wider than the pins.

Door furniture

Loops and other fittings should be reliable and convenient to use. Their level should correspond to the level of all other mechanisms and materials. Ordinary door loops can withstand doors weighing up to seventy kilograms. Therefore, they will not work for heavy door leafs.

Heavy metal doors are equipped with reinforced loops on bearings. And sometimes it is required to install specialized loops-oxes in which there are adjusting devices.