Russian bathhouse for rest with soul and body

Every person dreams of having their own bathhouse in her village house or country cottage, not indifferent to life in natural open spaces. The bath has always been and will probably be for a Russian person not only a place of hygiene procedures, but also that outlet where you can just relax your soul and relax.

It is necessary to start construction with the assessment of the project and the recommended sizes of the steam room (at least 6 meters of square), about such sizes you need to make a washing, a dressing room, in the calculation that at the same time 3-4 people will be in the bathhouse. It is advisable to make an open veranda in front of the bathhouse, where in warm summer evenings you can after a steam room and water procedures, sit in a pleasant company, drink a seagull and enjoy Russian nature. A small rest room should be provided for winter tea parties, but this is a warm half of the bath.

The walls of the bath can be built from any building materials – blocks, bricks, wood, but it so historically happened that a log or timber is considered the best for the bathhouse. It is desirable for help for specialists, and you can find them on this site and they will quickly put you a bathhouse from a profiled timber or a calibrated log with their experience. When controlling construction work in your new building, you need to pay close attention to the ventilation device and sealing all joints and cracks, because if these requirements are not observed, it will simply be impossible to warmly warm the bathhouse, and it will cool very quickly.

Warming of the floor and ceiling also greatly affect a comfortable sensation when using a bathhouse. At the ceiling in the steam room, all the heat is going to and healing it with a board, it is advisable to smear it with liquid clay on top, lay the insulation (mineral wool or expanded clay) and then make a sandy – lime screed. Separately, in these works there is a furnace construction, too much depends on it. The stove is a stove, if you drown it with wood, it is advisable to make it massive, on a solid foundation and preferably from red clay brick. Stones for steam rooms need to choose a dark color, they more better withstand heating and cooling.