Responsibilities of SRO members: what you need to know

The construction area includes a huge number of industries and any specialist can find for himself the one that will give him the opportunity to work and at the same time develop skills. If you firmly decide to devote your life to construction, while achieving new heights, then you will definitely be interested in information on how to enter the SRO and achieve a constant growth in the level of the company. If you become a member of a self -regulatory organization, you will have to make fixed membership contributions to the compensation fund in time.

Responsibilities of SRO members:

– Comply with requirements in accordance with the documents of the association;

– Comply with laws in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation;

– Execute decisions made at conferences SRO.

Everyone knows that receiving a certificate of design and construction is now problematic. Things are even worse with the license – it was canceled. Therefore, it is much easier to acquire such a certificate by entering the organization.

According to the laws of the Russian Federation, all companies in the SRO can receive certificates in full. This is important when working with objects subject to capital construction.

Foreigners, legal entities and private/individual entrepreneurs have the same conditions for admission to the organization.

Features of reception in a self -regulatory organization

In order to enter the SRO, it is necessary to apply for all the necessary documents in this organization.

All information about the required documents, the date of entry and the amount of a fixed contribution for members of the organization and insurance is available on the website of the SRO chosen time. Managers will also be able to answer all your questions by phone.

To receive a certificate of admission to work, you need documents corresponding to the desired industry, since for all types of work they are different.

The benefits of membership in the organization

Having received such a certificate, it is possible to protect objects from poorly completed work, and the company-performer looks more attractive in the eyes of customers in the labor market.