Real estate sellers and their features

Who sells real estate? This question is quite rarely asked by buyers, because their goal is housing. But it is quite serious and relevant. The fact is that the correctness of the transaction directly depends on the category of the seller. It is possible that later you will find troubles with the law. Therefore, one of the first questions that you ask the seller should be who exactly is selling.

An ideal option would be if you manage to buy an apartment in the Solomensky district, provided that the owner and real estate agency are engaged in its implementation. Then the purity of the transaction is guaranteed.

Often there is a sale of ownership of proxies. Of course, it cannot be argued that all people acting in a general power of attorney are scammers, in most cases they simply help the owners who, for some reason, cannot independently engage in this matter. But sometimes proxies are hastily selling an object to make a profit. At the same time, the real owner of the apartment, as well as his heirs, may not know about the fact of implementation at all. To protect yourself, it is recommended to find out who is the owner, and in what relations he consists of a trustee. You also need to go to the notary, who signed the power of attorney, and clarify with him under what circumstances the signing took place, which was motivated.

Sometimes people who live far from the region where the object are located are engaged in the sale of apartments. It can be another city or even another country. Of course, the owner will not be able to do it independently, realtors will do it for him. But in this case, the risk of running into scammers is very great, since such transactions are one of the favorite for swindlers.

Very rarely, the owner is engaged in the implementation, which can be recognized as incompetent. It can be a mentally unhealthy person, alcoholic or addict. Getting good housing is much cheaper than in the market, of course, you can. But one cannot but take into account the fact that even such a citizen may have heirs. He will not think about them at the time of sale, and will not even tell you about it. However, the heirs themselves can appear at any time, and then you will have to pay their shares, or let go of your apartment.

Thus, in order for legal purity to be really observed, it is recommended to engage in registration only in the presence of a lawyer, as well as carefully check the persons who sell real estate.