Ready -made frame houses from the factory

Progressive technology in the field of construction, which has received widespread use in developed countries, is considered to be the construction of a frame of frame type. In the twentieth century, the Fahl -over from Germany was brought to perfection of the Middle Ages. A way of carrying out several experimental experiments, with the development of the world construction industry, from the technology it was possible to achieve a maximum.

The quality of the frame has changed – it acquired even more durability, he was given more resistance to fire. The filling of walls has changed: in return clay and straw – modern materials are safe in environmental terms.

In addition to the unusually increased speed of construction, their energy efficiency is considered to be another indisputable superiority of the frame houses of modern times – here they cannot find like that. To heat frame houses, it is necessary five times less energy consumption than the buildings made of stone, because the walls made of wood do not need to warm up.

And thanks to the thermosomal effect, the frame house is very slowly cooling – on a few degrees per day and constantly retains a positive temperature even when heating is turned off. It is economical in any relationship, comfortable and accessible in use, and in addition, it delivers significantly less worries at subsequent installation than a stone house. Thanks to each advantage, frame houses in a small period were able to gain high popularity in developed countries.

Frame technologies of the present tense are different both in the construction method and in relation to. They are different with the types of frames, wall fillers, as well as the production method-real assembly directly at the construction site or the production of houses in the territory of the plant with further assembly (so named Pre-Fabricated houses).

German technology of frame houses from panels.

It is excellent in an increased degree of preparedness of structural elements – at home by eighty percent assembled in a plant on lines with an automated sitema. They deliver ready -made frame houses from the plant to the construction site in the form of wall panels with prepared decoration from the outside and with gypsum cardboard trim from the inside. Production is carried out with regular quality control. Among similar technologies, these frame houses from modules are also familiar when the house is mounted from finished rooms in the form of modules.