Projects from a profiled timber – a tribute to our time or practicality?

Wooden houses today are gaining more and more popularity among the population due to the naturalness and strength of their materials that make up them. Projects of buildings from timber, the prices of which can fluctuate in different companies are a mandatory attribute of the start of any construction. The construction company “Mir – Your House” presents at your discretion a catalog of ready -made design engineering solutions. So, your attention is presented: projects of 1-2-story houses, cottages, cottage buildings, as well as baths from a profiled timber. The prices indicated on the company’s website additionally take into account the transportation of these buildings to a radius of 500 km from the location of the center for the manufacture of houses. In addition, the client does not pay for the assembly and establishment of a columnar basis. The main reasons for the cost change are as follows: fluctuations in the price of the building materials themselves; Transportation of materials to remote distances (more than 500 km), in the case of any right to the project at the request of the client, if it is necessary to buy a premises (household) to find the builders there. Built according to the design developments of architects and designers at home or baths have a strong and environmental basis that allows such buildings from the beam to compete with monolithic brick houses.

Houses from a profiled timber under the control of experts in the field of architecture and design are created taking into account certain characteristics of the soil (soil), on which the house will be built. Its physical characteristics, type, mechanical composition, as well as the possibility of forming seismic zones are taken into account. Compiled projects are a set of several functional features of the house: comfort, comfort, safety. The catalog hosts 45 projects for the further construction of 1-2-story houses, as well as cottages and cottage buildings. For the manufacture of houses from a beam, mainly coniferous breeds of trees are used – pine, spruce, less often cedar or larch. For the production of a profiled beam, solid coniferous logs are used. The main advantages of houses from the beam include: relatively low cost, ease of processing, environmental friendliness and practicality. Building buildings very quickly pass the process of shrinkage. Thanks to the processing of the beam with special antifungal substances, there is no need to cover the house with any means from either the inside or outside. Each individual project is thought out to the smallest detail, given the area on which it is planned to build a particular building.