Production of a designer stool

To independently create a designer stool, you will need:


Board 200ⅹ 40ⅹ 5 centimeters.

bar 75ⅹ 5 5 centimeters.

A board designed for the manufacture of a designer stool should be carefully processed with fuganka and sandpaper. Not forgetting to make chamfers on the edge of the board at the same time. Using a jigsaw or circular saw, the board is sawn on blanks of 50 centimeters 2 pieces and 80 centimeters 1 piece. The bar is also processed as a board and cut off in a length of 70 centimeters. Board of board 80ⅹ40 is a stool seat. On the workpiece, a milling mill, a groove is selected at a distance of 10 centimeters from the ends. In the center of the blanks, which are designed for legs 50ⅹ40, select a groove of 5ⅹ5, it is designed for a bar.

In the grooves located on the seat, apply carpenue glue and insert the legs. Until the glue has dried into the grooves that are located on the legs, apply glue and insert a bar. Then, with the help of a clamp, a seat with legs and legs is fixed. Leave a stool for 24 hours. Then, they remove the clamps and once again treat the entire stool with sandpaper, to eliminate the stains of glue and defects.

To decorate the designer stool, you can use various coloring products: varnish stain paint, etc. D. After the decorative agent dries, the stool will be ready.

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