Production floor production technology: what you need to know

The cork floor is considered one of the most environmentally friendly and harmless even for the child. The cork from which the floor is made is collected from a special variety of cork oak bark.

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Such a floor is considered the strongest in comparison with other natural materials, besides this, it has excellent soundproofing properties.

Camping floor is made of bark, which is crushed into very small pieces, which are then covered with a special resin.

Such flooring is realized in the form of sheets. The cork floor has a huge amount of color scheme.

In order to install the cork floor, you must first cover the surface of the old floor with sealant. You can use a liquid sealant it can be used for both a wooden and concrete base. To apply it, you can use a regular roller.

Material such as a cork is very easily cut using a regular stationery knife. Such material is fixed to the surface using special glue.

It is undesirable to put such a floor in a room with increased moisture.

Caring for such a floor is quite light. It is advisable to vacuum it with some frequency in order to remove all kinds of garbage, which is able to scratch it.

And also rinse with water using a soft rag.