Processing interior doors

Interior door is the main part of all living space. But in addition to some specific design solutions, this interior element should be functional.

When choosing such doors, it is worth considering the features of the premises between which it will stand. Since it is installed for a long time, and not replaced annually, when installing it, it is important to observe the installation technology. Some can decide that this process is easy, but it is not at all like. It is better, of course, to rely on a professional in this matter.

First you need to correctly take measurements, as well as install locks and loops. The process of installing doors between the rooms implies the following stages:

removal of the old door;

installation of the lock and loops in the door leaf;

installation in a box of loops;

adjusting the box and installation of the latter in the doorway; By the way, interior laminated doors can be purchased inexpensively in the online store of a specialized company presented on the site;


putting the door on the hinges;

filling the distance by building a distance in the doorway between the door box and the block;

decorating the door of the door of the door block.

The process of installing sliding doors is painstaking and time -consuming. In this most important point, experts consider the choice of a roller mechanism. He must be perfect. You also need to choose the right accessories for such a door. Better, of course, if it is specialized. For sliding doors, a standard box is not required, since it moves on the outside of the wall.