Primer that changes equipment and equipment

Durable wagons, colorful tanks and aesthetic species Metal bridges, metal products become attractive thanks to universal chemical compositions. A special role in this is played by a copolymer-vinyl chloride primer KhS-059. The unique composition and high technological and chemical properties of the primer allow you to use in almost all types of equipment and products that are influenced by natural factors. The composition of the products of the copolymer-vinyl chloride primer KhS-059, allows you to protect the surface of the metal from the effects of alkali, acids, solutions, mineral salts, as well as gases of aggressive nature (SO2, CO2, NO2, NH3). In addition, the primer perfectly withstands all chemical media, temperature no higher than 60 degrees.

An equally interesting paintwork is the epoxy primer EP-0199, which is designed to primer surrounded nature on ferrous metals. Metals of this nature are very sensitive to the aggressive nature of chemical elements – gases, vapors, as well as if the metal was short -term exposure to acid and alkalis. The product of the product epoxy primer EP-0199 includes corrosion inhibitors and stabilization substances. The primer can be treated on a weak rust, without preliminary surface treatment.

To treat surfaces, it is recommended to remove loose rust, fat spots, the remaining poorly holding old paint. Before starting work, the primer must be thoroughly mixed. After that, a solvent is added to the composition to obtain the permissible viscosity of the product, which will correspond to the nature of the application to the processed surface. About half an hour before the start of work, it is necessary to add a hardener, which will become a binder of the elements of the finished product of paint and varnish nature.

The safety precautions of these categories belongs to increased. All precautions must be observed, to avoid work near an open source of fire. All work must be carried out in special protective costumes, gloves, as well as using individual protective equipment. The workplace must be well ventilated. When storing the primer, it is necessary to use special storage facilities that are deprived of direct sunlight, and also have the necessary temperature in the room, which is designed to store a primer.