Paul device in a wooden house. Basic principles

Paul is perhaps no less important component than the foundation or roof. There will be no good sex – there will be no reliable walls, doorways, which means that it will not be possible to install metal doors of domestic production and not only.

If the house does not intend to arrange the basement, then the most appropriate will be the use of supporting pillars. They can be made of wood, concrete or brick. The choice of specific material should be determined by the necessary column height and the planned load on it.

The supports need to be inserted into the wells, at the bottom of which it is necessary to lay out a “pillow” of crushed stone and sand. The distance between the supports should not exceed one meter. For the “binding” of the support pillars, you should focus on the upper horizontal, which will subsequently serve as a plane for the arrangement of the draft floor.

In the presence of the basement house, the spans between the pillars need to be increased. To strengthen the structure, you can use concrete or metal jumpers. Another option to ensure the proper level of reliability – to rally boards. Thus, you will receive a taurus or even a breakfast section, for which even increased loads will not be terrible.