Parquet is a noble flooring for home

Parquet is reckoned with noble flooring. Its popularity does not decrease over time, and even grows. Parquet is not only prestigious and looks great, it is durable, wear -resistant, natural. In order for the parquet to serve you really for a long time, you need to be able to properly care.

The main rule – do not allow excess humidity. It is enough to wash it with a damp cloth once a week. Parquet is a natural tree, moisture absorbs moisture quickly. This leads to the swelling of the material. Optimal air humidity 40-60%. If the air is too dry, then the parquet board may crack. In such cases, it is recommended to get an air moisturizer. If this is not possible, place a vase of water around the room, which evaporates, moisturizes the air. An alternative can be such an interior decoration as a small fountain.

It is enough to wash the parquet with simple water, but you will achieve the best result by adding detergents specifically for this type of coating. Strong pollution can be removed with gasoline or alcohol. But such strong solvents should be used carefully and in small quantities.

Regularly sweep the floors. After all, small garbage or sand can scratch the coating. Also, to protect the parquet from scratches, choose furniture with rubber rollers on your legs or purchase such for the existing.

Parquet is often covered with varnish. In order for the varnish to clarify well with the floor and manage to dry. The first wet cleaning should be done no earlier than in a week. And transfer the installation of furniture if possible for a couple of weeks. If you decide to cover the parquet with wax or oil, then keep in mind that once a year the coating must be completely updated. But such a floor and wet cleaning are not required – just a vacuum cleaner is enough.