Home construction

On what parameters the foundation width indicators depend

You can build the foundation yourself without involving specialists. To start construction work, it is necessary to determine the size of the foundation. This can also be done yourself. It is necessary to determine only three values ​​of the width, depth and area of ​​the base.

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The depth depends on: the depth of freezing, the level of groundwater, the structure of the house and the method of its operation. Experts advise doing depth by 20 cm. more than freezing depth.

The width depends on the width of the wall of the future house. But often one width is not enough and therefore make the foundation wider than the wall by 10-15 cm.

The area of ​​the foundation is determined by the bearing capacity of the soil and by the load, which will be during the operation of the house. The bearing ability to calculate themselves is difficult for this already there are data that can be used taking into account a specific area. The load on the foundation is made up of some indicators. The weight of the house, the weight of the situation in the house, the weight of people and even take into account the weight of the snow cover are taken into account. This does not need to take scales and weighing everything there are already ready -made data that we use, taking into account our characteristics.

Having determined all the necessary parameters, you can proceed to the construction of the foundation.