Old construction of Russian baths: what to take into account

It turns out that the world -famous Russian bath is not at all Russian history at all . In ancient Egypt 5000 years ago, baths existed (separately – for the nobility and ink) . Already in those days, the construction of baths was in every possible way encouraged and was considered very useful.

Further, ancient Rome and ancient Greece: the construction of baths (both stone and wooden) even before the birth of Christ was widespread and very popular. In Roman terms, for example, important state affairs were resolved, and a variety of steam rooms made from a beam and logs were built everywhere – everywhere .

Old construction of Russian baths

Here from there – then the baths came to us, to Rus’. The Slavs who lived surrounded by dense forests did not have a shortage of building material, so they used only a tree for the construction of baths .

Wood went to the arrangement of dwellings, and on the manufacture of tools and household creatures . And by the end of the first millennium, a peculiar tradition of washing in the bathhouse, preserved to this day, had already developed. True, then there was much less comfort, because the log of the bathhouse itself was put directly on the ground .

Such a bathhouse was drowned – “in black” (the fire was bred right on the ground, and the smoke walked either through the open door or through the window) . In a word, in those days the construction of baths was nothing more than an elementary assembly of a bar of a bathhouse in any free place .