Measures to combat drunkenness at construction: effective methods

To build anything (it doesn’t matter that: an apartment building, a country cottage or a large production workshop), of course, you need to have more or less strong health, objective thinking and a look at things and situations that may arise during the construction process. Unfortunately, not all builders or even foremen are able to meet these qualities. And all the fault is alcohol. Some people tend to overdo it with its use, which later affects the quality of its work. And on construction sites, the appearance of intoxicated form is also dangerous for life. Construction – a place where safety precautions should strictly be carried out, since this territory has many dangerous places that you need to handle carefully and with knowledge of the matter. A drunk person at the construction site not only does not fulfill the working norm, but also exposes the life and health of other people’s danger, which is completely not permissible in any case.

To deal with the cases of drunkenness at construction sites, state structures or the developer himself come up with some measures. For example, before starting the change of each person at a construction site, they are checked through an alcohol tester. This is a simple and easy method, since it is not difficult to purchase this device. There are many different models, for example, alcotester Dingo a 025 SIAO, which will meet any requirements. This method is effective, since devices show very accurate results. In addition, you can check the state of people several times a day, both before the start of the shift and during its. But this method of control has a lack. Posterly sensitive devices can show an overpressure of ppm, but a person will be completely sober. Not only alcohol is able to give an inflated number, even elementary kefir can include a number of such drinks. Of course, drinking this kind of drinks will not affect the results of the work and the level of safety at the construction site. This method is the most optimal and, accordingly, common.

It should be noted that such checks in some countries are required, which is reflected in the regulatory legal acts of the legislation or in local regulatory legal acts. The head of the construction head can determine the details of the audit by the alcohol, for example, it remains to decide how often it is necessary to conduct these checks at his discretion, whether they must be carried out at the beginning of the shift and so on.