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Making automatic garage gates, choice: steel or aluminum

There are more dozen different varieties of garage gates. However, most of the inhabitants of our country mainly order the designs of the sectional type. This is due to the fact that they are very attractive in price, in addition, they have excellent strength characteristics. The very process of production of sectional structures is quite complicated and lasts for at least two weeks.

Measurements and determination of the type of opening

And the manufacture of garage gates begins with departure to the object of the customer of commercial specialists. They are facing a difficult task – in the most thorough way to measure the width of the garage opening, as well as its height. Each millimeter is important, so freezers use only laser tools that builders usually use. It is impossible to make a mistake with measurements, otherwise already manufactured structures will become crooked and will work poorly.

Also at the stage of measurements, the owner of the garage should decide how his gate will open. Perhaps as many as 3 options:

Automatic opening. To do this, an electric or hydraulic drive is mounted on the sectional structure, which is controlled by a special remote control;

Mechanical opening. The sections will rise with a lever hidden behind a protective metal screen;

The semi -automatic option. The design sets both the drive and the mechanism of manual lift, which can be used in emergency cases.

Steel or aluminum?

Many companies today offer the manufacture of aluminum garage gates. The canvas from this material is very light and corrosive. It is difficult to damage it, and it is almost insensitive to atmospheric factors. But at the request of the client, doped or instrumental steel can be used to produce lifting sections. The canvas from it turns out to be heavier, but very attractive outwardly. Steel also has the best thermal insulation properties and in winter it protects the machine from the cold well.

Installation of additional elements and coordination of installation time

When, finally, the material of the canvas and the type of opening are selected, the masters begin to work. At the request of the customer, they can paint the gate in almost any color. Also on the design you can install additional elements, for example, the opening gate. At the final stages of the manufacture of the structure:

are covered with anti -corrosion spraying;

They are tested on failure tolerance. To do this, their drive or manual lifting mechanism is launched several dozen times;

packaged in a special container and delivered to the customer, where they are subsequently mounted.

And after installation, a guarantee is written out onto the gate.