Log in St. Petersburg at low prices

With a group of companies “Lesproduct” to purchase building materials is quite simple. In the assortment, each buyer will find the necessary product at an affordable price. The site has a full -functioning online store. In the range of products there is always an outer lining. The company “Lesproduct” is constantly engaged in the implementation of the board. Many of its varieties are available: the board is strict dry in St. Petersburg in stock wholesale. High level of training of employees will allow you to buy a product that will really suit you. Operational delivery of Peter and the Leningrad Region will delight the most demanding consumers.

Places used to store goods meet all standards. The corresponding temperature regime is maintained. The company safely received the ISO 9001 quality management standard. The heads of the enterprise have gained vast experience and knowledge in the chemical industry. Our company is partners with the leading world suppliers of building materials, this is why, the prices that we provide are very different from the prices that are offered by firms operating in our industry. Dry lumber is sold on the window of the site. In a couple of clicks from the main page, it is possible to find additional building materials: Block House or insulation. The Group of Companies Lesproduct collaborates with brands: Ursa, Knauf, and. T.D materials for construction.

We sell products of constantly impeccable quality of Austrian production, as well as their domestic substitutes, various prices. All the necessary certificates of quality of the goods are available. Most of the goods are applied not only by Lesproduct, but also the manufacturer’s guarantee. If suddenly, you did not manage to find the desired product in the Online catalog, it is possible to call number 8 (812) 777-54-25 during working hours, and also come to our base at any of the addresses: ul. Field Sabirovskaya, 48. etc. Cosmonauts, 102 (st. m. “Star”), Piskarevsky pr., 144 (railway. “Streams”).

It cannot happen that you will make a purchase, but there will be no goods, we update the catalog daily on the site. We also have provided payment methods on the site with various methods. A lot has been done for the simplicity and convenience of our dear customers. We are proud of our customers and of course interested, in the future cooperation. What our discounts for regular customers are talking about.