Log – a wonderful alternative to tiles, what to take into account when choosing

Effective replacement of tiles is a lining with a lining specially designed for decoration of ceilings and walls in rooms. Their advantage is that they are waterproof and ideal for wet rooms – baths, showers, bathrooms, kitchens.

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The lining is made of PVC and MDF. Being stiff materials, they determine the degree of flexibility. The lining is durable, it does not rot, suppresses noise and does not release heat, as well as aesthetic and is used primarily to mask the surface deficiencies.

You can nail the lining directly to the walls and ceiling only when the surface is perfectly flat and wooden. In other cases, rails (crate) are attached to the surface and only then nailed the panels. If the lining is mounted in a horizontal position, the rails are located vertically and vice versa. Of course, the rails should be on the same plane and not perform.

When installing the lining, do not forget about the plumb line and level. You need to nail the panels with small nails (otherwise they can split). To preserve the appearance, nails are recommended to score in grooves. If you are pursuing an even more aesthetic appearance, use it to attach a special bracket.

When the lining is laid, you need to apply a protective solution to the surface. If desired, the panel can be varnished, to give a characteristic color. Remember that it is strictly forbidden to use nitrolak in rooms!

In everyday life, the walls from the lining do not require careful and painstaking care – it is enough to simply wipe them once a month with detergents (without the content of abrasive substances) or a damp cloth. Damaged elements of the lining can be easily replaced with new ones, without remaking everything again.