Laboratory control for analysis of the quality of the roof

Submission of hidden work and the preparation of an act on them are necessarily carried out jointly by representatives of the Gosgortekhnadzor and the construction organization that performed roofing work. Acting of hidden work is done according to captures, the sizes of which are set by the project of the work.

For a deeper analysis of the quality of the roof performed, laboratory control is usually organized.

In the process of acceptance of hidden work, all defective places and ways to correct them are noted. The acceptance certificate is signed after eliminating these defects. At the final acceptance of the commission,: data on the results of laboratory tests of the source materials; acts of phased acceptance of work performed, statements of laboratory test results and carved samples, work logs, executive drawings of waterproofing and roofing.

In the acceptance certificate, which is also a guarantee passport, a trial period (usually 1 year) is established, during which the construction organization is obliged at the request of the customer at his own expense to eliminate the detected “defects.