June landscape design

To be able to admire the garden in June, you need to prepare it in the spring. At this time, the Earth is awakened, ready to give their nutrients to seeds and plants, to ensure their growth and development. The last frosts of March and April can cause damage to the dissolving garden, so part of the landscape work is transferred to June. It is important that the earth and nights to warm up. Still cool, the seedlings of flowers are preparing. Until the summer, it is necessary to prepare the landscape.

Landscape spring construction

The plots warmed by the sun are prepared in May, and the rest – in June. Paths, platforms and ponds are made out in early summer finally. At the same time, communications, irrigation systems and garden drainage are laid. The gazebo should be made or repaired in May so that it has time to cover it in time with the curly greens and you can enjoy the rest in it all summer and autumn. In addition to the gazebo, other vertical structures are needed to support climbing plants, creating comfort and closing the site from the winds. Sometimes additional canopies from the rain are needed.

Curly roses, beans, kobia grow well on decorative walls. They allow you to save space and look beautiful from the outside. Kobe with beans is grown with seedlings, and then pots with it are placed near decorative walls. When cooling, they are easy to put into the room. This method allows you to quickly cover with greens. The decorative pumpkin is planted early and covered from the cold and too bright sun. The walls of natural materials warm the site and plants.

In June, lawn seeds are planted. Flowers and mustard with decorative leaves look beautiful against their background.

June Flora

The shrub in June noticeably adds in growth and is covered with leaves. At this time, he needs to be cut so that he does not have an unsightly appearance. Trees also put in order, removing excess and incorrectly protruding branches. The lawn is cleaned of last year’s foliage, combed, watered, fed and trimmed. He also needs weeds weed. The old grass prevents the lawn from growing. When combing in it, areas without grass may form. This suggests that he froze over the winter. Seeds of new grass should be planted in these places. Lawns are quickly restored with careful handling. You can’t walk on new lawns, and according to the old ones during the recovery period, you need to walk in special shoes with spikes and still pierce the turf with a pitchfork to a depth of 10 cm for admission to air roots.

Weeds are removed from June to the end of summer. If you carry out early weeding efficiently, there will be few of them. Do not allow them to take root. The root raped off when weeding quickly grows up.

In June, many colors bloom: peonies, irises, roses. The wizards should be removed in time. Then the plants will look more elegant. In June, work in the garden is simple: spraying from pests, watering, top dressing, loosening. Then he will look beautiful until late autumn.