Italian furniture “Arflex”: in the spirit of innovation

Speaking about new products in the production of furniture, we most often mean very unexpected design solutions. The Italian company “Arflex” is suitable for innovation from a scientific point of view and relies on its own technical developments. Starting in the 1950s with an experiment on the use of spongy rubber and elastic tapes for furniture, “Arflex” to this day does not cease to surprise fans with an innovative approach to the selection and subsequent processing of materials.

Italian furniture for the kitchen, living room or outdoor use under this brand is always recognizable due to elegant form, original materials and incredible comfort. Therefore, it is not surprising that today “Arflex” is deservedly popular all over the world! And how long was the path to success?..

The history of the brand “Arflex” originates more than half a century ago. In 1947, a group of businessmen, scientists and designers led by the designer Marco Dzanuzo began to study the possibilities of using new materials in furniture production.

For two years, the formed ARFLEX team worked in a modest office in the center of Milan, and only in 1951 at the Milan Tiennale, the company first presented its developments to the general public. The revolutionary sofa “Sleep-O-Matic” and the Lady chair, in which traditional springs replaced the aforementioned elastic tapes and spongy tires, immediately deserved the recognition of the public and were awarded the gold medals of the exhibition.

Until the mid-50s, the Arflex brand developed in the direction of the development of car seats for the Fiat Topolino miniature cars, the next five years-expanded production.

The 60s were marked in the history of the company by a number of interesting innovations. So, in order to adversely decorate classic Italian cuisines, Chini Boeri-the now famous woman-designer from Italy, developed a table-tumu table on wheels. But invent “just tables” is not in the style of “Arflex”! “Subject with a secret” called “Cubotto”, made of MDF and varnished from the outside, to the joy of adults complemented the piquant function of a mini-bar. Among the other creations of the company of that time, the first Bobo Relax monoblock chair, created by the same polyurethane designer and not having an internal structure.

In 1995, “Arflex” became the property of “Seven Salotti Spa”. During this period, the company’s past collections are modernized.

Today, the ARFlex brand is well -deserved popularity in the world. But the company does not stop there and continues its eternal experiments with materials and equipment, making its own contribution to the improvement of Italian furniture.