Is it possible to restore furniture with your own hands

How to carry out furniture restoration? Start restoration work with inconspicuous places – it is much better to disassemble possible errors here than on expensive facades or exclusive wardrobes. First of all, when restoring the appearance of wooden products, you need to remove fat and dirt that penetrated inside to get a clean surface. To do this, clean the wooden product with a cleaning product, if necessary, a solvent. Take the cleaner so much to only moisturize the surface a little. Wipe it with a sponge, which is impregnated with a cleansing r-rime, then wash the surface with clean water and wipe with a dry rag. Denatuate alcohol can be removed from the stain. Ethyl alcohol does not spoil most of the finishing materials, but it dissolves T. n. shellac. Когда некоторая часть покрытия облезет, не волнуйтесь. Later it will be possible to completely restore it. Boards on windowsills and places subject to the action of dampness and sunlight may have to be finished again. In such areas where the wood was discolored and the coating is completely worn out, an excellent effect can be made when the surface is quicked and sanded to a bare tree. When the tree was covered with dark water-soluble stains, which simply cannot be removed with cycle and grinding, you can discolor their sorrel to the peroxide of hydrogen with ammonia. When using Shardeva K-you, bleaching takes place very quickly. This acid requires a careful handling, and the subsequent neutralization of 2% of the r-bure. So that the updated coating holds tightly, first “grind” the previous finish a bit. It is better to do it with special pillows for decoration, they envelop all the bulges and go much softer than sandpaper. Love holes from nails or screws with a putty. Press the putty into the hole and rub your finger. After that, remove excess putty with a clean rag. It remains to dry and repaint.