Investment Construction Company Dububess: reviews and advantages

The fundamental vector of the development of the modern construction industry should be considered the use of new generation materials. The rate is made on inexpensive products with worthy technical characteristics, which is fully suitable for the implementation of construction projects of varying degrees of complexity. So, about a third of all country houses are being built today using aerated concrete.

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We are talking about small -piece elements, blocks of cellular concrete with small specific gravity (this parameter is optimally combined with their high strength). Aerated concrete is used not only to fill the wall space (in the case of erecting high-rise buildings with a monolithic-frame method). Blocks act as structural material during the construction of cottages up to three floors.

The advantage of innovative material is not only in its ease. The above blocks have unique insulating properties – they protect people inside the building not only from the outer cold, but also from annoying sounds from the outside. Aerated concrete is one of the small -piece elements that the investment company Dububess is actively used in practical activities. Reviews of which are presented on the pages of the portal . This organization acts as a leading contractor of Krasnodar, with the help of which residents of both the city and the entire region solve pressing “housing” issues.

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The transition to the mass use of aerated concrete and the gradual replacement of the brick, from which the bulk of the cottages was previously built, is associated with a number of reasons.

And the point here is not only in the small weight of a small -piece element, in the possibility of minimizing expenses when using aerated concrete. Blocks of cellular concrete do not have such a thermal inertia as a well-known ceramic brick (this parameter is characterized by the need to warm up the room to comfortable parameters for several days, if in the winter it was not excluded for one to two weeks). Indicate the higher quality of the masonry when using aerated concrete blocks. This is due not only to their impressive dimensions, then with accurate hermetic sizes. The stone is placed on a special glue based on a cement binder. The additives contained in the mixture exclude the occurrence in the area of ​​the joints of the “cold bridges”.