Installation of stretch ceilings in St. Petersburg

The use of modern technologies and developments in the construction sector provides an opportunity not only to carry out high -quality repairs in the premises, but also to get a fairly durable result. At the same time, the buyer opens a very wide selection in choosing the future interior design.

Installation of suspended ceilings is a profitable and rather undesirable option, which allows to significantly reduce the time spent on repairs and get a high -quality and aesthetic result. The main advantage of such a design is the simplicity of installation and the ability to fulfill the main requirement for the surface – to make it perfectly smooth and even.

Many mistakenly believe that stretch ceilings cannot be installed in standard panel buildings, since the height of the walls in such rooms is already small. Perhaps such a statement is partly true for hinged structures that take up quite a lot of space. Stretch ceilings are only a few centimeters of the gap between the canvas and the main surface. True, this applies only to options that do not imply installation of overall lighting devices. Nevertheless, this method allows to mask almost any communications that pass from above (pipes, wiring, and so on), but do not require a large stock of height.

The basis of the stretch ceiling is a canvas, which is a polyvinyl chloride film or fabric. The latter is found infrequently, since it has quite specific properties that are not suitable for all conditions. The surface can be glossy or matte, such an texture is designed for various rooms. For light rooms (living rooms, kitchens), the first option is more suitable. Usually choose a PVC film of white color and its various shades. The bedroom will look more appropriate, which muffles the light and allows you to fully relax.

Low prices for suspended ceilings in St. Petersburg made this design a very popular. Even the installation process is favorably different from whitewashing, painting and other outdated types of repair. Installation in one room takes several hours, for this it is not even required to take furniture from the room. It is enough just to free the passages along the walls. Another advantage is the lack of construction debris and the need to wash the room after the completion of construction work. At the same time, the design is characterized by good strength and durability, without visible damage to yourself, withstanding even the accident of the water supply from the neighbors from above.