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Infrared heaters from the company “Elav”

Folk wisdom suggests that the sled should be prepared in the summer. Thus, all those who do not want to neglect centuries -old traditions and prefer to prepare for winter in advance, and not at the last moment, can acquire a wall infrared heater in the price of which is currently optimal.

Electric heaters emitting infrared waves offers to buy the Kharkov company Elav, which has been working on the Ukrainian electrical equipment market for more than 12 years, over the years of its work it managed to gain confidence and gain popularity among customers.

The supplied equipment is located in the warehouse of the company, which is located in one of the central regions of the city near the office of the enterprise. All buyers working with Elav can count on an attentive attitude to themselves by employees of the enterprise, as well as on the operational processing of applications for the purchase of goods and quick documentation.

The company’s electronic catalog presents wall panels of infrared heaters, which are currently available for order. It should be noted that these models of heaters are traditionally installed under the window or near the balcony door, so that the devices not only perform a warming function, but also act as a barrier, preventing the penetration of cold air from outside. The design of heaters is security, and work is a lack of noise.

Separately, it is worth emphasizing that an additional heat source will not only allow you to provide a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in your home in the cold season, but also fit perfectly into the interior of the room. In addition, the installation of the heater does not require any special knowledge and skills and can be made by the buyer on its own.

In addition to wall models of infrared heaters, Elav offers to purchase ceiling models.

Based on materials from Infrakrasnye-Elektrichesheskie-onbogrevateli-Paneli.