Home construction

Important architectural elements of the country house are located on the site

A country house is such a cozy place for the soul and body, where you can improve it and stay in the bosom of nature, and spend a wonderful vacation with family and beloved friends. And now you can very simply and profitably buy a house from a galbed log from Houses-NW, which will be erected as soon as possible. But for the construction to be as convenient and beautiful as possible, you must seriously approach the creation of an individual architectural project.

Reliable and ergonomic base

The first thing I want to pay attention to is to create a basement floor. Such a room of a small height can be a pantry and a personal laundry, and even a small winter garden. Also on the basement can be separated by a secluded dark corner for storing a waist. But about your desire to create a basement, it is necessary to tell the architects immediately so that they understand in what style to create a project, and what loads will be on the foundation. For example, it is very important to make high -quality waterproofing in order to protect the house from spring floods, when groundwater level increases significantly.

Summer kitchen

Another important element will be the presence of a large terrace with a canopy where you can put a swing, a comfortable sofa and a table for daytime and evening tea drinking. After all, it is so nice even a summer rainy day to sit on the street under a canopy with an interesting book in hands. If at the entrance of the terrace there will be a veranda immediately, then it can be turned into a small summer kitchen, on which you can make culinary blanks, and the entire cooking process can be done in the fresh air on the terrace. Therefore, the veranda-terrace-kukhnya will become a very beautiful and at the same time convenient solution.

Wailing place on the roof

It is also worth providing for the presence of an attic, especially since prices are not very high for such houses from a profiled timber. The attic can be equipped as a small home library, an art workshop or just a resting place. And if you turn it into a children’s bedroom, then for a child it will be a real miracle room with an interesting design, ensuring the slopes of the roof in which he will feel very comfortable. The main thing is to provide high -quality thermal insulation there so that there are no drafts and strong bridges of the cold. Also, when creating a roof project, it is worth providing small awnings and special mounts for flower pots of various shapes, because fresh fresh flowers are the best decoration of any house.