Ideas and tips for a small bathroom

A small bathroom is a big problem when choosing furniture and decor for this part of the house. Here are some useful ideas and tips on how to deal with a modest size of a small bathroom.

Colors in a small bathroom

The colors of a small bathroom always cause discussions among interior designers. Most of them believe that there are special rules for furniture and decor of the bathroom, namely bright and neutral tones will make the room seem more. Only the color palette in pastel colors is recommended. We also apply a cold range of colors, which corresponds to the goals of the room. If you want your bathroom to become more colorful, choose bright accents.

If you live in a country house and use diesel generators 6 kW KJ Power for autonomous power supply, then most likely your house is big. And the problems of a small bathroom is unlikely to bother you.

On the other hand, some designers advise being bold and experimenting, choosing more saturated colors, and not from pale shades. Instead of blue, rely on turquoise and cobalt, instead of beige and sand tones, choose dark brown and combine it with a white and dark green tint.

Of course, the bathroom is always working and completely white – so a small room will seem lighter and more spacious.

If you have a boiler, place it horizontally, and not vertically to win a little area. In the corners of the bathroom, you can mount shelves or sink . In the corner you can hold a basket for dirty laundry .