How to work in the kitchen faster?

Each modern hostess spends a lot of time in the kitchen every day. There she not only cooks, but also removes, puts in order numerous dishes, household appliances, etc. D. Men who live alone and prepare themselves, also spend a lot of time on kitchen affairs. Is it possible to somehow make the process of work in the kitchen faster? Yes, if you follow simple tips:

When there is free time, you need to plan the process of work in the kitchen and all the people there for the whole week. It is better to take into account all the main and many additional things. Menu for the whole week, products that are still available, the need to buy something from household chemicals, wash kitchen towels or curtains. Having distributed work by the day, you can make it so that it will take very little time daily. And you do not have to spend time on thought about the menu every day, etc. D.

Take care in advance about household appliances. It is better to completely establish it once than constantly put up with small problems in her work. It is especially important to have always a good hood. In order for it to always work normally, it is better to entrust its device to professionals. Employees of firms who perform the design of ventilation systems will be able to diagnose air air system systems in your house and advise the best solution for you on the installation of kitchen hoods.

At my leisure, you can prepare for the main job in the kitchen. For example, for the preparation of meat, you can prepare and freeze individual pieces for every day, for salads, you can chop vegetables, eggs, and chopped greens, and, if necessary, boil. You can prepare even side dishes in advance, which are stored in the refrigerator in a tightly closed container, and warm up with oil as necessary. Then you can cook every day very quickly.

Cleaning vegetables or, for example, fish, you can lay a newspaper, which, together with garbage, is simply folded and thrown away. And so that the dishes are always clean and washed literally in one second, you need to keep the sink filled with soap and soap. The dishes are folded in it, and she, having lie there, is laundered very easily.