How to watch satellite TV almost free

Such a phenomenon as Cardhingsing, in Europe or America, you will not surprise anyone for a long time, but now this trend has reached Russian satellite television users. The essence of cardscarving is that a large number of people are connected to one TV card, thereby they pay less for viewing various channels.

This is as follows – the smart card is connected to the receiver (receiver), then people who paid for access, using the means of communication receive the decyption code and use it to replace the signal. In Russia, balls of tricolor are especially popular, as this operator is one of the market leaders.

However, there is also the so -called household ball, the essence of which is to use one smart card on several home televisions, this is true for users of old tariffs, since earlier the connection to 2 TVs was considered an additional option and it is necessary to pay a serious amount for it. But with the help of sharing, they learned to solve this issue.

How to watch satellite TV almost free

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