How to warm the apartment with qualitatively: what to pay attention to

The attitude to apartments in panel houses, as to the most not comfortable for living, was still in Soviet times, when houses were erected in old SNiPs. Then the wind rose was not taken into account, the houses were not oriented to the cardinal points, and the desired number of heating radiators were not installed in the apartments. And materials for decoration of apartments left much to be desired. Windows and doors had many cracks, and the walls often freezed literally through. Such houses were built quickly, and the builders first of all sought to open the doors to the Lyubertsy and other areas of new buildings, and they had to worry about their comfort themselves.

We insulate the apartment

If you are “lucky” to live in such an apartment, then if it is impossible to change housing, you need to try to increase the comfort of living in this. In fact, everything is not so scary as it might seem at first glance.

Often only replacing old frames with new double -glazed windows can raise the winter temperature in the apartment by several degrees. No windows will give such a result. And if you recall the annual work on the very pasting, and then the printout of the windows by spring, then the benefit is simply obvious.

The easiest to sheathed with sheets of fiberboard, PVC, chipboard, or just drywall, the walls. All these materials are easily installed and have a smooth surface that practically does not need additional leveling. Therefore, decorative wall decoration will require the further minimum effort.

The inhabitants of the first floors are a huge number of problems. Previously, numerous carpets saved from the cold, but they went out of fashion, and they bring a lot of inconvenience in use. Easier to lay a laminate or parquet. And in particularly extreme cases – install the so -called warm floor.

In order to insulate the doors in Lyubertsy and other places with panel buildings, it is not enough to overtake them with a piece of dermatin, as was considered earlier. The maximum of heat goes through a loosely added box. So, if you have no desire or the opportunity to install a new door, you need to compact the old. This can be done using special tapes with an adhesive layer.