How to use a self -echoisly use: process features

For geographical research, special devices are used that are often used only in this field. But thanks to the unique properties of some devices, it was possible to use them in other areas of life. One of these devices is an echo sounder. This invention has the principle of action on the spread and recognition of sound waves. Everyone knows that if the sound wave meets the barrier in its path, then it repels and returns. This is very easy to determine by the example of an echo. If you shout something in a small room, then it will be repeated several times. Thanks to the device, not only the finest changes in the wave can be caught, which returned, but also with this to build various graphs. The device not only radiates the waves themselves, but also perceives them. The echo sounder lets the wave, and then waits for it while it returns and measures what distortions have occurred in it. Naturally, the signal is not sent perpendicular to the flat surface so that in any case there will be distortions. With the help of an echo sounder, you can build a sea bottom card. He will be able to automatically independently determine everything that is required for this.

The signal is aimed at the seabed, then, after the final point it is reflected from it. The device catches the reflected signal with different intervals of time so that on the basis of this you can find out the quantity and size of all irregularities. As a result, you can build a detailed card without human immersion. This technology is also used to search for fish at a depth. Fishing vessels use it to determine the jambs to conduct fishing as efficiently as possible. So this device can be used not only for scientific purposes, but also for commercial fishing.