How to repair a wooden facade

Wood is often used in the decoration of houses and household structures. To maintain the aesthetics of the facade and extend the service life of the material, the surface needs to be painted. Previously, the base should be prepared to get a quality coating. It is necessary to inspect the facade and determine in which places the paint can crack or exfoliate. Then you should remove the old coating with a scraper. The tool should be sharp. It is necessary to press with a scrap with equal strength, performing movements at an angle of 90 degrees. For sections with bends, you will need an oval or triangular scrap. No need to put pressure on the tool too much, since the wood can be damaged. Now the processed areas must be fabbed to give the base smoothness. For fabings of wood, you can use a grinding machine. If the paint is not possible to remove with a scraper, chemicals are used. Washing is applied to an area of ​​about 0.2 m. sq. With the help of a brush brush. The composition is left on the basis of the time indicated by the manufacturer. Then the softened coating is cleaned with a spatula or a spatula made of wood. The washing is applied again, after which the base is cleaned with paper wipes. When the surface is porous, it needs. This will improve the adhesion of the coloring composition, and also ensure the uniformity of the applied coating. Drying time of the primer is usually indicated on the packaging. For painting a wooden facade, it is recommended to use high -quality rollers, since they are thicker and thick. Such rollers absorb more coloring composition and hold it well. High -quality roller holds the shape well, and also does not leave the villi on the surface.

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