How to raise the foundation: is it possible with your own hands

Anyone who has to raise the foundation is sure that it is impossible to do it yourself. That is why everyone calls the team of builders. Do not be afraid, since you can raise the foundation yourself with one assistant. First healing the house of the house two jacks and carefully raise the house a couple of centimeters. Put the gasket you need thickness. After that, go to another corner and do everything exactly the same. This will not take much time and effort if the log house has come off the foundation. Pay attention to the place in which several old logs remain, after the house was raised. If you carefully raise the house, you can make the house get off.

No need to rush and raise the house to a great height. As a result, trying to save a couple of days, you can distort the log house, which will lead to unpredictable consequences. That is why it is very important to raise each corner neatly and to a small height.

When going to raise the house, don’t forget to think out insurance. As soon as the house is raised to the desired height, immediately put the gasket that should be done in advance. As a gasket, you can use the remains of the boards. This insurance is needed so that the house does not skew if any jack gives an misfire. The jack must be installed very reliably. Particular attention should be paid to that it rests not on rot, but on a hard tree. After you raise the house to a given height, you need to build concrete sites located in the corners. Now you need to make pillars of concrete, which will be the same size as the new foundation. After that, you need to install the reinforcement and pour it. Installation of your new foundation is completed. As you can see, there is nothing complicated in this.