How to quickly and inexpensively build a tank cottage

To have your own, even a small plot of land with a cozy house or cottage, is the dream of many residents of large cities. After all, what could be better than moving to live in your own house, which will be in the distance from large transport interchanges and industrial facilities, there will be no neighbors who constantly make noise, make repairs or arrange a family celebration.

Today to build your home or cottage is relatively simple. You can find the finished project of the cottage, which will satisfy all your requests via the Internet. Just follow the link Proekty-Kottedzhej/ and you can find many ready-made projects of cottages and small houses. Also on this resource you can order the development of an individual project. In it you can take into account the features of the relief of your land plot. It is also worth paying attention to the structure of the soil, which is on the site. It is on it that the type of foundation and the possibility of equipment of the basement will depend on it.

Before designing a cottage, you must definitely measure the level of groundwater. If the level is high enough, you need to take additional measures. You can make a spope and raise the site on which there will be a cottage. And you can install a drainage system that will remove excess water.

Do not design a very large cottage on a limited area. You always need to leave a place for additional buildings. And even if at the moment you do not need a garage, this does not mean that you do not need it in a few years. And it will also be necessary to build a gazebo, pool or playground for children.