How to put the walls with your own hands

All putty that are sold in construction stores are designed for final surfaces finishing work. The only difference between them is what kind of type they have – dry or completely ready for use. Hence the differences in the price. The cost of the latest type is much more.

Putty materials are designed for alignment of surfaces. There are two putty technologies: for further walls of walls and for pasting them with wallpaper. If the surfaces are putty for future decoration with wallpaper, then, first of all, they need to be treated with a primer that can penetrate deep into the surface. Thanks to it, the adhesion of the walls increases. When building and finishing the house, do not forget about work. By the way, full accounting support can be carried out by employees of a specialized company, which is presented on the site.

The process of putting the walls itself is carried out in several layers. The thickness of the first should be 2-3 mm. It is laid with a wide spatula. It must have a width of at least 60 cm. When applying this layer, you should not try to get a smooth surface right away, because it will not work. It is better to perform the walls diagonally. Using such a technique, the material can be applied evenly both in the horizontal and in the vertical direction. In this case, the spatula must be carried out at an angle of 25-30 degrees. In addition, putty should be applied from the side where the surface is not yet finished, that is, you need to pull it to the already processed area. As a result of this, the mixture will be overlapped.