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How to put in order an old wooden window

Take the old wooden window, it needs to be constantly washed, painted, and crack. Repair and insulation of wooden windows – the matter is not simple and not cheap. The plastic window does not require such care, many even claim that such windows do not require care at all. Let’s try to put the points in the solution of this issue.

Even without proper care, plastic windows can last several decades. But it’s better to care for it all the same, because if this is not done, the service life will not decrease very much, but the appearance through years can significantly suffer.

First of all, it is necessary to wash the window if necessary. For washing it is best to use ordinary water, you can add liquid soap or a small amount of washing powder. But the best option is the purchase of a special liquid, which is designed to wash such windows. This liquid is also necessary to clean the glass, but they can be washed by other means that have already been considered.

It is not worth adding washing powders in the water for cleaning, which includes small abrasive substances. When using such powders, the double -glazed windows will become unusable in a few years, and if the neighbor is understanding nearby, then your windows will look just terrible compared to it. Of course, you can put new glasses, but why pay once again.

The next moment should not be forgotten, you need to carefully look at the window seals. The plastic window has not only a beautiful appearance, its main functions include protection against dust and noise of the street, as well as dirt. You should also look behind the seals, during operation they need to be wiped using the means intended for this purpose, after time this liquid must be wiped from the surface. To wipe the fluid, a rag that can absorb moisture well.

Most manufacturers of sealing for windows recommend paying attention to the seal for the first time years of operation, rubbing liquids must be carried out regularly, a couple of times a year. Then this operation is carried out once in a couple of years. Such care will allow you to keep the house cozy, quiet, warm.

It is necessary to pay attention to the fittings, these details serve to open and close the window, so to extend their durability, it is necessary to make their regular lubricant. Also, the pen should not hang out, in the case of weakening, click it with a screwdriver.

Subject to these simple rules, the window will last you 40 years. Source: Alians -okna. ru – painting wooden windows.