How to purchase a real puer at home

Perhaps that Chinese tea is considered one of the best in the world, everyone knows. But this is a common concept. In fact, there are a great many varieties of tea produced in the Middle Kingdom, and each of them, in its own way, is good. One of the most popular varieties is Puer. It is often compared with good wine, because over the years, such tea becomes even better. There are varieties whose age reaches 25 years. They are very expensive, but the taste and aroma cost money spent on this tea. Puer tea can be bought in many stores, but not everyone can purchase a real one, with a special taste.

To date, there are about 120 varieties of tea, which are called Puer. All of them can vary very much in the quality, aroma and color of the infusion, the general one is only in the way of processing. Therefore, for simplicity, they are called a puer. Although, a real puer differs from everyone else in that the color of its leaves is dark brown, with a slightly reddish tint. And the infusion turns out to be color from light brown to almost black.

The real puer is prepared not fast. After the leaves are collected, long processing and drying begins. At first, the leaves are folded into huge heaps, which either leave where there are frequent fogs, or periodically sprayed with water. After the raw materials dry, the tea is laid out with a thin layer and left for a period, at least a month. After that, the leaves are finally dried under the rays of the sun, twisted, relieved of excess garbage and packaged.

Puer has long been valued in China as one of the most useful varieties of tea. It is believed that it is able to prevent the development of many diseases. Puer perfectly affects the functioning of the digestive and cardiovascular systems, reduces blood sugar, removes toxins. In addition, it is also called tea for weight loss. Therefore, girls who follow their figure can safely drink this tea. It will help to reduce weight, and will positively affect the work of the whole organism.