How to protect windows using a vapor barrier tape

Obviously, many of those who are going to install plastic windows in their apartment thought whether it was possible to do it with your own hands? But, as a rule, if you contact any company to install plastic windows with such a question, then you will be given a negative answer, they will also be called a number of reasons why needlework should not be engaged in this area. They will also offer services for installing plastic windows precisely in their company, because it is their company that will do it qualitatively and inexpensively.

Installing plastic windows is a really very difficult process, and if you do not have any knowledge in this area, then you can ruin the window you bought. For this reason, we decided to share with you a couple of secrets that will help you yourself efficiently and in a short time to install a plastic window. This article sets out all the questions you are interested in on the installation of plastic windows – steam – and waterproofing.

First of all, you should start by checking the product delivered to you: Squets, poor -quality assembly, etc. D. You will need a construction level, because the plastic window should be installed strictly in terms, and you can not do without this device. You will also need a vapor barrier tape, because in the cold winter the walls of the houses freeze so deeply that condensate is formed inside the window openings, which can destroy an unprotected installation seam.

So the vapor barrier tape is simply necessary to protect the window from the inside. But, on the street side, the mounting seam also needs protection. Therefore, on the outside of the window, psul should be glued (foamines saturated with a special composition.) This foam rubber does not pass moisture, but passes the air – this is a clear plus, because the couples that form in the foam will freely leave it.

You can purchase psul in any store of construction equipment. It is sold in the form of a tightly compressed tape, which after gluing on the window will expand a couple of times. If you want to save on the psul, then you do not have to buy the entire roll, you will have enough segment to brand the corners on the windows that cover the gaps. But, if you do not want to save on the protection of your new plastic window, then you should purchase a psul, which expands to 40 mm, and a vapor barrier tape 140 mm in width.