How to protect at home from moisture by ventilation on the windows

Reliable protection against cold, dust and noise that PVC windows provide is overshadowed by a weak influx of fresh air into the room through a plastic structure.

Standard ventilation in multi -storey buildings is quite primitive, consists of natural hoods in the bathroom and in the kitchen, the air flow enters the gap in the window and door openings. Such a system is enough, in apartments with wooden windows, but with hermetic plastic, the microclimate in the room worsens.

The flow of air through plastic windows is provided in various ways:

Window in the window system;

A sash with several opening modes;

Windows with self -ventilation;

Ventilation valves.

The traditional window is practically no different from a similar element in the design of wooden windows. The disadvantage of the window in plastic structures is an increase in the cost of the window and a decrease in the light flow.

Various opening modes allow you to regulate the flow of air into the room. The limiter of opening the sash does not significantly affect the cost of the structure and allows you to fix the window in different positions.

In plastic windows with self -ventilation in the profile there are holes through which air enters the room. This ventilation system functions perfectly on the lower floors, but due to weak traction, it is not suitable for apartments on the upper floors.

The ventilation valve is mounted in a window frame or a place is left for it in one of the window blocks. There are unregulated and adjustable valves, while adjustment is manual, automatic and combined. The principle of operation of the device is the same, but automatic and combined allow you to more accurately adjust the temperature and humidity in the room, respectively, the cost is more expensive.