How to properly install a wall covering

The homeowner who began the construction of a country house must solve the issue for himself, and with what material he will finish the outer walls. Indeed, many materials are offered on the market. So how one differs from others?

Materials used in the decoration of rooms and facades of buildings can be divided into two main groups – natural and artificial. The former is made of wood, stone or metal, the second include those made from polymeric materials, they include Siding the Profile produced at one of the Russian enterprises.

Installation of a wall covering implies compulsory surface preparation. For example, when using a material such as marble or granite tiles on the walls, the presence of cracks or other surface defects do not allow, that is, before laying the tiles, the wall is aligned using asbestos -cement plates or traditional plaster. And only after that does the tile glue begin.

The peculiarity of installation of wall coatings on the facades of buildings from vinyl siding is that there are simply no special requirements for the state. It is enough to correctly build a frame, which serves as the basis for both siding, and for thermal and hydraulic insulation of the building. With the help of siding, you can create structures such as ventilated facades. Their use allows you to eliminate condensate, which is formed when temperature drops.

Builders use either a wooden, pre -prepared beam, a certain size, it is usually 50×50 mm, or a special perforated metal profile, which is made of galvanized steel,. And yet, it should be noted that wall decoration with siding is carried out at a higher speed than other methods, for example, granite tiles. And, of course, the cost of siding and the necessary materials for its installation in comparison with natural stone or other facing materials used in the decoration of the facades of a country house plays an important role.