How to prepare walls for wallpaper?

Changing the appearance of any room can be simple enough. For this, it is necessary, only glue new wallpaper that will organically fit into the interior of the room.

First you should take out all the furniture out of the room, and if this is not possible, then it should be well covered with plastic film or old newspapers. The next repair stage is preparatory. What is its essence? As a rule, the wallpaper wear out over time, and in some places they exfoliate from the walls. And sticking new material on the damaged coating does not make sense. Therefore, they should be removed.

For work, you can use a sharp metal spatula, having previously moistened the surface with water. If there are significant defects on the purified surface, such as cracks or gaps should be sealed with cement mortar. Otherwise, in the future, they can increase in size, break new wallpapers and finally ruin the appearance of the walls. By the way, when creating the design of rooms, now, 3 D modeling programs are widely used, with which you can create the best option for the internal design of the room.

Иногда стены покрываются сетью мелких трещин, и заделывать каждую по отдельности довольно трудно. In this case, it is best to use putty and apply an even layer to the entire surface. After it dries, it remains only to level it under zero with sandpaper. Before proceeding to gluing wallpaper, you need to remove all dust from the walls and wipe them with a damp cloth. Wallpaper, in which the edges need to be cut off, that is, without gaps.