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How to play a slot machine Hot City

The game in online casinos – entertainment for gambling people looking for new sensations and exciting adventures. Incredibly, but besides an overwhelming adrenaline, in slot machines you can enjoy romantic plots and glamorous parties. For lovers of such a vacation, an excellent option for the game will be the atmosphere of “hot city”, full of passions and temptations. You can find out more here: burning city in slot machines. An interesting storyline, echoing with stories from the series “Sex and City”, dipping the player into the world of shopping, parties and fashion accessories. The game was based on the adventures of the glamorous girls of New York. Any player will be able to participate in their entertainment without spending a penny. Free online games will help you understand the rules of the slot machine. Although, in fact, there is nothing complicated in them. Both in the game for money and in the free version, the player is provided with coins with which he can bet. The cost of a coin in a paid game from 1 to 50 cents. The Hot City machine contains as many as 25 plot lines, and a bet from one to four coins can be made on any of them. Even in the game for money in the Hot City automatic, it is impossible to lose their own, thanks to the Skath-symbols, win-win bonus rounds and free rotations. When there are three characters depicting the newlywed car, the player receives from 10 to 30 free skins. At the same time, the winnings are multiplied by three in every free rotation. Wild symbols with the image of a couple in love can replace any other symbol with a winning combination. And if five wild characters fall at once in one line – this is a jackpot! Even the minimum rates multiplied by 10,000 will bring a very round amount.