How to place sprout systems in a special closet

For the effective management of various pipeline systems, it is advisable to use various collectors with which the control and distribution of loads of the power of water and gas pipelines, as well as heating systems are carried out. Another feature of the collectors – the device is designed in such a way that it allows you to breed pipes from the main pipeline to the room or connect household and heating devices. For different systems, collectors made of different materials are used and have a different number of entrances and outputs. For example, the most popular collector for water and heating systems-with cranes-exits made of brass.

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All distributors, in addition to outputs, are also equipped with manual or automatic constipation for control.

Distribution systems are placed in special cabinets that provide access to management and protect equipment. Such cabinets are attached to the walls or are built into various openings. For example, to manage warm floors, the collector cabinet is built into the floor, and looks like a hatch. Cabinets are made from different materials and differ in shape and size.